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I suppose some updates are due…

I’m sure you all have been religiously checking my blog EVERY DAY since I stopped posting. Anyway, a lot has happened since my last posting flurry.

1.  We never moved to Yorkville, and we never built a house. We lived with my parents for a while, and when the economy tanked, so did our builder. Our house was 75% done. One of our would-be neighbors had a house that was COMPLETELY finished, and was never allowed to move in. The guy had also done all of his own electrical work. We were mad enough but DAMN, that’s enough to drive someone mad. The subdivision we would have moved into is a ghost town. Some of the houses are still vacant; I think there are about 10 families living there right now. The HOA fees must be enormous. At least we got our deposit money back.

B.  We, instead, moved to Flossmoor! Quite a change from Yorkville. Flossmoor is almost the polar opposite of Yorkville. Yorkville is due west of the city center, and Flossmoor is due south of the city center. We think moving to Flossmoor was a better move though… The train commute is shorter, there are more train options, and we can even walk to the train station. It helps that there is a brewpub with excellent beer in our train station. The Aurora Metra has the Walter Payton Roundhouse, but their beer has really been declining in quality. Flossmoor Station? MMM MMM GOOD.

3.  We got a dog in January and named her Addie. She was a vicious baby eater pit bull. I say was because, unfortunately, we had to put her to sleep. We were very sad, but she introduced us to the wonderful dogs that are pit bulls, and we decided to honor her life by rescuing another pit bull. Which brings us to…

D.  Matty! If you pay attention to the Flickr photostream to your right, I’m sure you’ll notice a cute black doggie named Matty. He loves Vic more, but I forgive him.

I hope you have enjoyed our time together today. I’m making an effort to start blogging more often, and even wrote down a list of topics I would like to cover with you, my loyal readers.

We’re building a house!

So… Yesterday we contracted to build a house.  We weren’t sure if we were going to build a house or buy an older one, but the perks of building were just too much to turn down.  We’ll be in Yorkville, IL, which is pretty far out there.  There’s a park and ride shuttle station a half mile from our subdivision, and then it’s only an hour from Aurora to downtown on the express Metra trains.

The subdivision was meant to be townhomes and duplexes, but the builder got around it by “attaching” the homes with a small storage area off of the garage.  We’ll technically have a duplex neighbor, but no walls in the actual house will be shared.  We can fence our yard and everything.  The lot we’re building on is right in front of a marsh/pond area (had to pay extra for that, heh), which will be cool.  There won’t be anyone building or moving in behind us, only on the sides.

The prices for these houses are going up by $2K on Monday, and we were able to get in on one of their incentives.  We got a pretty sweet deal because the models aren’t built yet (a lot of people won’t buy a house without a model to walk through).  We visited a townhome model that was in the same layout as our house, just smaller.  The incentive is a full deluxe kitchen, which means we don’t have to pay for the included, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, flooring upgrades, and cabinet upgrades.  The incentive is saving us about $15000, literally.  The fridge that’s included is worth freaking $1500!  Plus, the larger/private lot and sweet kitchen will help with resale value whenever we decide to sell.

Here’s the link to the house description/floorplans.  We are getting a full basement (underneath the house area, not the garage area), and the floorplan does not show the small storage room off of the garage.

Here’s an estimation of where our house will be built.

View Larger Map

The Google satellite picture isn’t that recent; there are a lot of homes that have been built that are not on the map.  They are expecting us to close at the end of november, so hopefully we’ll be moved in by december!  Depending on the weather, the close date could be earlier or later…

We’re pretty excited.  We also have to go into super save mode, because we have to pay the rest of our down payment in 30 days (ugh).  After that we’ll just have closing costs…  and we’ll have to buy a car. :P