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Cluster = resolved

Soooo…. Here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks: Quit Wellness Center, have a freakout, almost beg for my job back, decide to scrap that. Start working at the OGLBTC. On the 4th day of working for the OGLBTC, I get a job offer from Jenner and Block for a tech support position.

Being that I’m uninsured and would really like to make more money and have nice things like paid vacation and all that, I accepted the job (thanks Jim, if you ever read my blog, haha). So, I work my last day at the OGLBTC this Friday, and I start work at Jenner on MONDAY.

What a whirlwind. Even though I’m going to be starting the weekend after finishing this job, I think I will be a lot less stressed. Although now I need to go on a shopping spree for business casual clothes, since mostly what I own are t-shirts and jeans, but oh well. Things are going pretty great at this point, finally.


All the free time I had earlier this summer is being paid for right now. It’s “crunch time” at UIC, and I’m working my bum off. I don’t even have time to surf at lunchtime!

Content Management Systems Make Baby Jesus Cry Tears of Blood

Well, only some content management systems. For instance, I enjoy using Movable Type as a content management system for my blog. However, if I can’t do something with MT, there is always the option of logging directly into my host server and solving the problem that way.

Not here at work! No sir! In an effort to unify the departments under the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, they have decided to use Microsoft Content Management Server (2002). This is another way of saying “conformity.” So, using this system, all departments and offices beneath the VCSA are required to use the same template. Sounds okay so far… But this system requires you to edit your website within the content management utility, which requires you to only edit things within the provided parameters.

Currently, I have the assignment of creating a website for Welcome Week, which is a series of events and programs to get students back into school spirit. Well, whatever. Great. So, to make less work for myself, I created all of the pages I wanted to create in Dreamweaver, hoping that I could simply copy the code over once I was logged into the content management system.

This is still going fine. However, I find out that “Create New Page” makes every new page you create linked on the page you decided to create a new page from. Apparently there are these things called “channels,” which normal people on normal servers would call directories. So, after over an hour and a half of futzing with this stupid online utility, I realized that I could not create a new channel, and thus, had to delete all of the pages I had just created, because I did not want all of them linked on the front page.

On a normal server, I would have just had to navigate to the directory and type “mkdir welcomeweek2005.” This would have taken me, at most, 2 minutes, and not an hour and a half.

But I digress, and I swear I’m not plotting to plant a giant magnet under the content management server.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to add that, just to make things better, a virus wiped out a bunch of the login accounts data on the content management server, so the admin of the server logged me in using his info.

And I still couldn’t create a new “channel.”