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10 days to go!

I am now 20 days into this juice fast. This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, especially considering the time of year. Not only have I given up food completely, I’ve given up catered meetings and typical holiday treats/parties, CAFFEINE, and alcohol. I have to admit though, we cheated a little bit last Saturday. We booked a beer making class for Saturday a while back. What do you drink while you’re making beer? Why, beer of course! We had a few small samples. On the way back home we figured we’d stop for A pint. And stop for A pint we did. Had one pint of beer at our local brewpub and went on our way.

It may have been considered cheating, but it was day 15 of the fast and we figured we could use a small celebration. It didn’t derail us, and most importantly, we went and had one beer instead of sticking around, having lunch, and downing a few more pints. While we may do that frequently in the future, part of the fast is getting over mental hurdles and practicing better discipline.

I’m down 30 pounds. Not sure how much more I’ll lose before we break the fast at Christmas Eve dinner, but I have to admit I’m quite satisfied with the results of the fast. I’ve dropped some serious weight, learned I have way more willpower than I thought I did, and I think about food in a whole new way. In short, it’s worked on all fronts.

It’s going to be even harder to transition off and learn to eat properly without going overboard after having no food for a month. After suffering this much over the past month though, it would be such a waste to just go back to old eating habits. Hopefully the memories of suffering through a juice fast keeps me motivated. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t just diet, I need to revamp my lifestyle.

A late year’s resolution

I’ve decided I need to start updating my blog again.  I’ve always had somewhat of an interest in writing and I’ve noticed that my grammar is going downhill lately.  Thus, I must again begin the writing quest.  Stay tuned for rants, ramblings, links, and otherwise…