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4th in NYC

We were playing with the long exposure feature on my camera when they were doing the fireworks in New York (NJ did one, and there was also one in uptown Manhattan that we could see).





Vic making stuntin’ dealz…

Cool Graffiti

I think one of the 10 trillion things that make New York unique is the graffiti that seems to cover every open spot of brick or metal on buildings and fences. Of course, there’s the silly tagging of names and all, but some of them are pretty neat drawings or stencils. The graffiti seems to affect the environment of the neighborhoods. Anyway, here are a few pieces of graffiti that we’ve seen and thought was neat or interesting.

rat graffiti

domo arigato mr. roboto

he spies

graffiti pug

reagan hates minorities

Apparently there is a website that sells male tapeworms (they don’t reproduce) for aid in weightloss. You eat the tapeworm, and since it doesn’t reproduce, after a period of time it just dies. Since it has been eating most of the food you’ve been eating, you lose weight. Interesting, I think. :/ Snopes says that the rumor of these tapeworms is undetermined. Anyway, here’s some graffiti making fun of it:

we got wormz

Pics from in and around Times Square

Which was insanely packed, due to the holiday weekend, I would imagine.

cup o noodles


weird statues
These things are in some of the subway stations and we found some in Times Square, by the Hilton. They’re quite odd.

ann st
Not in Times Square. We took a picture of the subway map when we were trying to figure out how to get back to Brooklyn.

Hello from NYC!

Eric happened to be in NY one night we are here…

Porter, Joel and Susie’s dog.

jamie and susie
Susie and Jamie at the bar we went to in Manhattan, Ginger Man (had something like 60 delicious beers on tap….).