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Fueling my addiction…

Well, the cannibal documentary wasn’t what we expected. We were hoping for more eating of people, or at least some gross footage from the study of a headhunting/cannibalistic tribe. The only gross thing we saw (vic covered his eyes) was a circumcision, heh. It WAS a good documentary on the anthropologist, who was a candid and amusing person. Perhaps if we had not gone into this documentary with the expectation of blood and gore we would have enjoyed it more. Anyway, if you like anthropology, it’s a good movie for you. I was excited about watching cannibals all day. :p

Tonight we have a documentary on the history of domestic cats in Egypt, which was made in 1991, and I may have seen it already (I was on a heavy Egypt kick in my younger years). There are also more Blue Planet episodes on the way…… Seriously. Go rent the Blue Planet DVDs. They are awesome.

yatta yatta

So, it turns out Vic only has to cook me 1 meal. And no, I still will not see Episode III, I’ve never been a Star Wars fan.

In other news, if you’re into documentaries, check out the BBC’s Blue Planet, which is an 8 or 9 episode documentary set on the ocean. I’m in the middle of finding more episodes, but the episode on the deep sea is reeeeeeeally interesting. Not to mention that those fish are pretty scary looking. :p

Next up on my list, a documentary on an anthropologist that became a real life cannibal, titled Keep the River on Your Right.