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so, uhh…

Yeah, I’ve been a tad distracted lately. I’ve been keeping my ADORING FANS at bay about my life.

A couple weeks ago, Vic and I went to see Tom Petty at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park. The first musical album I bought, and became seriously interested in was Tom Petty’s Wildflowers when I was 13. I’m sure Petty has toured since I was 13, but I finally got a chance to see him a few weeks ago.

The Black Crowes opened for Petty, and although they’re a great band, I’m not particularly a fan of theirs. So, we diligently waited for them to stop playing, and for all the hippies to stop yelling and smoking pot. Finally, at about 8:30 or so, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers came on stage. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited at a concert before. The sheer awesomeness of seeing my first favorite musician on stage floored me.

The great thing about Tom Petty is that he’s the man, and he knows it. But, unlike several unnamed rock stars, he doesn’t flaunt it. Instead of asking the crowd to scream or tell him how much the fans love him or something vain along those lines, he just stood back with his arms open, and everyone yelled and screamed. It seems like Tom Petty is one of those musicians/artists that truly loves performing, and, gauging from how long he and his band have toured over the years, he’ll perform live until he physically can’t do it anymore. When the crowd yelled and screamed during the lulls of songs, Tom Petty seemed to take it all in, and smiled while he was singing. It’s a humble way of showing appreciation, and I feel like it reflects the spirit and talent of Petty’s music. He simply enjoys playing music, and it shows.

Perhaps I’ve never been to a concert of this type/genre before, but the atmosphere was just amazing. I’d probably rate it as the best concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many.

the man

Yer So Bad

So, thanks to Vic (<3) we are going to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who are touring with the Black Crowes. One of the first albums I bought as a kid was a Tom Petty album, and I’ve probably been wanting to see Tom Petty for 10 years. So, finally, I get to see one of my favorite artists!! And, on top of that…..

Who needs drugs when your fellow concertgoers will be smoking enough pot to make you fail the NIDA 5 for three weeks?

i was in love with a girl on lsd