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LA has big roaches

The roaches in LA are huge. Like, obnoxiously huge. Like tropical Asia huge (reference). I live in downtown LA, right across from Pershing Square. Pershing Square is supposed to be a park, but mostly ends up being a sleeping area for the local homeless population and a place for protests to gather. If you’ve never been to LA, LA is a lot different than other cities. Downtown LA is NOT the pride and joy of the city. Sure there are a ton of office buildings and hotels, but depending on your location, downtown can be a not very nice place to live.


Getting stroooonger

My location, across from Pershing Square park AND Metro station puts me in one of the undesirable areas of downtown. The bonus piece is the automatic public toilet right outside of the metro station, which seems to be abused as a den of drug use and other questionable, illegal activities.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is it’s dirty. And when it’s warm and dirty year-round, what happens? That’s right, roaches. They are everywhere. These aren’t your average, run of the mill roaches. These roaches have evolved. They don’t scurry away when they see you coming. LA roaches stand their ground. LA roaches hang out in the daylight with no problems. LA roaches fly. You’ll be standing at the corner, waiting for the light to change, and the roaches are waiting with you. That’s right, they have evolved enough to use the crosswalks. These roaches must have seen Rocky in the 80s and felt like they could make something of themselves.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this blog post. But, roaches. UGH. Been here 2 months now and I still can’t get used to them. Our apartment building is full of children, apparently. They like to leave food waste in the halls and when something won’t fit in the trash chute, instead of taking it down to the dumpster they leave it in the hallway. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!! My building has a roach problem. We have roach proofed our apartment with weather stripping under the door, diatomaceous earth under the appliances and under the sink, roach motels, etc. We keep our apartment as clean as possible. No food is left out overnight and all open food packages go into the fridge. The unfortunate reality of roaches though, is, if your neighbors have them, well, you’re screwed. The people who lived here before us must have let a few adult roaches in because we had a couple of eggs, which is what we’re dealing with now (and that is fortunately easy, because the only roaches we’re killing are babies and once they’re all dead we should be good). But, in a place like this, sometimes they’ll just get in, whether they climb up through the drains or sneak in while you’re carrying groceries or something. From what I can tell from talking to other people who have lived in LA, roaches are just a fact of life here. :(

You know where else roaches are a fact of life? Florida/the south. People will tell you, “Oh, we have ‘palmetto bugs.’” Mofo, no you don’t. You have ROACHES. The term “palmetto bug” was invented so people didn’t have to fully realize the reality of living with flying roaches. At least LA isn’t deluded in THAT regard.

Some day I’ll get used to it. Some day. In the mean time, I’m too grossed out to squish any roaches larger than the babies. They’re just so huge. :(

Blogs, how do they work?

It’s been almost 2 years since I posted on this blog. Despite the fact that a lot has been going on in my life lately, I actually have MORE free time than ever. I have a couple of motives for picking up ye olde blog again, which you, dear (probably) departed readers will be learning about soon.

Vic and I packed up the farm and moved to Los Angeles! We were pretty miserable in the Chicago suburbs (destructive level miserable). We put our house on the market, intending to move back into the Chicago city limits. Earlier this year I spent about 2 months in LA for work because my counterpart in that office had a child, then quit a few months later. We didn’t jump at the chance to move to LA at first, but when the first round of candidate interviews didn’t go so well, I sort of felt like I had been given a second chance to go for it.

So I went for it. The week I announced that I was interested in the position, someone put an offer on our house and the rest, as they say, is history.

Putting the house on the market after a long stretch of misery and then moving across the country was probably the hardest, longest process Vic and I have been through at this point. We’re still here and having a great time, so we must be doing something right. While you’re waiting for me to post more words words words, enjoy a picture of my kitty.