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Vic has had a milestone today

So, since my parents moved to Outer Bumfuck Egypt, there’s wildlife near them. OK, so their subdivision has a manmade, stocked lake. Ever since I met Vic I’ve been trying to get him to come fishing, because, being the city boy he is, he has never ever ever gone fishing. Well, today was the day! We went to Walmart and picked up some nightcrawlers and walked out on the “pier” in the lake.

Vic is apparently afraid of touching worms, because he tried to bait all of his hooks with the scissors we were cutting up the nightcrawlers with. :p My dad told him he was namby pamby, haha.

So, anyway, Vic finally baits a hook, learns how to cast, and plunks his line in the water. This lake being stocked, it’s not long before either of us gets a few nibbles. Vic hooks his first fish, a decent sized Sunfish. Since we’re not planning to eat this stuff, we throw it back, which presents Vic with a conundrum. He must touch the fish!! Everything is fine until the fish starts flapping around on the hook. Vic screeches like a little girl and jumps away, but finally grabs on and unhooks the fish. We toss it back, bait the hook again (with scissors, haha), and continue fishing.

I caught a large-mouth bass. It was small, but exciting. We’re waiting for my mom to email us pics of Vic holding one of the fish he caught (he caught an even smaller sunfish a little later). Hopefully I can get Vic to fish again, but I don’t think I’d have any problems, since he seemed to enjoy today’s fishing excursion.

And Now, Deep Thoughts…..

“Pretty much everything in factories is built with automated robotic arms. That would imply that there is a factory somewhere that makes robotic arms. So is it safe to say that in this robotic arms producing factory, there is a section where they produce the very arms that are used to make other robotic arms?”

I Support More Troops than You


For all of your parody ribbon needs. I would totally get one of these if I had a car, because I’m getting pretty tired of seeing SUVs with these ribbons on them. Also, people think it’s cute to put them on their sides so they look like Jesus Fish. And, having more than one ribbon magnet on your car just makes you look more stupid, not more supportive.

Seriously. This is a worse trend than those Livestrong bracelets.