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Blogs, how do they work?

It’s been almost 2 years since I posted on this blog. Despite the fact that a lot has been going on in my life lately, I actually have MORE free time than ever. I have a couple of motives for picking up ye olde blog again, which you, dear (probably) departed readers will be learning about soon.

Vic and I packed up the farm and moved to Los Angeles! We were pretty miserable in the Chicago suburbs (destructive level miserable). We put our house on the market, intending to move back into the Chicago city limits. Earlier this year I spent about 2 months in LA for work because my counterpart in that office had a child, then quit a few months later. We didn’t jump at the chance to move to LA at first, but when the first round of candidate interviews didn’t go so well, I sort of felt like I had been given a second chance to go for it.

So I went for it. The week I announced that I was interested in the position, someone put an offer on our house and the rest, as they say, is history.

Putting the house on the market after a long stretch of misery and then moving across the country was probably the hardest, longest process Vic and I have been through at this point. We’re still here and having a great time, so we must be doing something right. While you’re waiting for me to post more words words words, enjoy a picture of my kitty.

I suppose some updates are due…

I’m sure you all have been religiously checking my blog EVERY DAY since I stopped posting. Anyway, a lot has happened since my last posting flurry.

1.  We never moved to Yorkville, and we never built a house. We lived with my parents for a while, and when the economy tanked, so did our builder. Our house was 75% done. One of our would-be neighbors had a house that was COMPLETELY finished, and was never allowed to move in. The guy had also done all of his own electrical work. We were mad enough but DAMN, that’s enough to drive someone mad. The subdivision we would have moved into is a ghost town. Some of the houses are still vacant; I think there are about 10 families living there right now. The HOA fees must be enormous. At least we got our deposit money back.

B.  We, instead, moved to Flossmoor! Quite a change from Yorkville. Flossmoor is almost the polar opposite of Yorkville. Yorkville is due west of the city center, and Flossmoor is due south of the city center. We think moving to Flossmoor was a better move though… The train commute is shorter, there are more train options, and we can even walk to the train station. It helps that there is a brewpub with excellent beer in our train station. The Aurora Metra has the Walter Payton Roundhouse, but their beer has really been declining in quality. Flossmoor Station? MMM MMM GOOD.

3.  We got a dog in January and named her Addie. She was a vicious baby eater pit bull. I say was because, unfortunately, we had to put her to sleep. We were very sad, but she introduced us to the wonderful dogs that are pit bulls, and we decided to honor her life by rescuing another pit bull. Which brings us to…

D.  Matty! If you pay attention to the Flickr photostream to your right, I’m sure you’ll notice a cute black doggie named Matty. He loves Vic more, but I forgive him.

I hope you have enjoyed our time together today. I’m making an effort to start blogging more often, and even wrote down a list of topics I would like to cover with you, my loyal readers.

A late year’s resolution

I’ve decided I need to start updating my blog again.  I’ve always had somewhat of an interest in writing and I’ve noticed that my grammar is going downhill lately.  Thus, I must again begin the writing quest.  Stay tuned for rants, ramblings, links, and otherwise…

Cluster = resolved

Soooo…. Here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks: Quit Wellness Center, have a freakout, almost beg for my job back, decide to scrap that. Start working at the OGLBTC. On the 4th day of working for the OGLBTC, I get a job offer from Jenner and Block for a tech support position.

Being that I’m uninsured and would really like to make more money and have nice things like paid vacation and all that, I accepted the job (thanks Jim, if you ever read my blog, haha). So, I work my last day at the OGLBTC this Friday, and I start work at Jenner on MONDAY.

What a whirlwind. Even though I’m going to be starting the weekend after finishing this job, I think I will be a lot less stressed. Although now I need to go on a shopping spree for business casual clothes, since mostly what I own are t-shirts and jeans, but oh well. Things are going pretty great at this point, finally.

Of Giant Hunks of Meat and ties….

So, because Vic got a new job, I decided to take him out for steak. I scoured Metromix for a good steakhouse in the city, since I really didn’t know much about steakhouses. I chose Gibsons and made a reservation for 9PM on Thursday (which was yesterday).

I really don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into. I figured that the steaks would average about $25-30. Boy was I wrong. Most of the steaks just about started at $25. Vic looked at the menu, then looked at me, and said something along the lines of, “we shouldn’t be eating here.” But then, before we ordered, our waiter came and plunked a giant raw steak in front of Vic (they parade around their best cuts of meat and a giant lobster tail before you order). It was then I decided that perhaps the veal would be better another time, and today, we were getting the Chicago Cut, which seems to be their signature cut. Yes, we were ordering $37 hunks of meat.

Gibson’s has an $80 Porterhouse steak, and after seeing how giant our $37 steak was, I can only imagine the epic proportions of this behemoth. Vic has vowed to come back to “conquer” the porterhouse.

So, we got our soup/salad, Vic eating the salad because the soup was shrimp bisque, and he has, sadly, recently acquired an allergy to shrimp. Then came our dinner. We also ordered two sides, one a baked potato, and one a plate of sauteed spinach and broccoli. This baked potato was easily the size of 5 average potatoes. It was MASSIVE.

I ate a few of the vegetables and my steak, and I couldn’t even think of eating anything else, let alone half of that massive potato. Good lord.

But, fun times were had by all. Vic enjoyed his steak so much that he claimed he could “die happy,” and woke up in the middle of the night mumbling about steak. Earlier yesterday evening, I took Vic to Marshall Field’s and bought him a nice shirt and tie for his first day to work, so here’s the necessary shot of him looking all GQ:

GQ shot