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People of Flossmoor: You Drive Like Self-Entitled Pricks

An open letter to my fellow residents in the great village of Flossmoor, IL.

Dear Flossmoorians,

We all have to drive. We all know we have to drive, because we all moved to the suburbs. Metra’s great, but it won’t take you everywhere, whenever you want (jury’s still out on whether the CTA can even do that). Fellow residents, since moving to Flossmoor, there are a couple patterns I’ve noticed that cause a certain amount of distress.

1. Mornings at the Flossmoor Metra station. Just like you, I drop my spouse off at the Metra station in the morning. As expected, there is a lot of traffic in this area in the morning, both pedestrian and motor vehicle. I know you’re all impatient, just like I am. But just because you¬†are in a hurry does not mean I should run over a pedestrian in the crosswalk so you can get on your merry way. The pedestrians should also not feel the need to speed up (since most of them are already walking quickly or running to make their trains!) just because you can’t wait 4 more seconds at the stop sign. Dropping your spouse off at the Metra station also does NOT entitle you to pull away in front of other cars. If I’m honking at you, it’s not saying hi, it’s saying “HEY ASSHOLE I’M DRIVING HERE!” So please, feel free to not beep back, and just take the chastising honk in stride.

2. Residential intersections without stop signs. A good majority of Flossmoor’s residential areas have streets without stop signs. The only stop signs are located at the intersections of a residential road and a main road. Sometimes there are 3-street residential intersections, and the majority of the intersections are not perfect square/right angle street intersections. According to the Illinois Rules of the Road, this is the proper way to proceed:

When two vehicles on different roadways reach an uncontrolled intersection at the same time. The vehicle on the left should yield to the vehicle on the right.

Strangely enough, I never seem to see this habit practiced. In fact, I see no yielding whatsoever. The intersection approach seems to be more of a “barrel through the intersection at top speed, signifying that I have the right of way, even if there are multiple cars waiting on the other street(s).” I work a schedule that is off about an hour from the regular 9-5, so I don’t typically drive during rush hour periods. Fortunately, I haven’t seen a situation in which two self-entitled drivers approach the same intersection. But I HAVE seen one self-entitled driver at pretty much every single intersection since I’ve moved here. Literally, I have only seen one person cautiously yield at these intersections, and this was last week. We have lived in Flossmoor since December, 2008.

This is really just an irritation to me, but perhaps not to others. Homewood-Flossmoor is one of the top school districts in the state, so there are MANY children in our residential areas. I can only imagine that if a driver will not yield to another vehicle, the driver will also not yield to (or perhaps not pay enough attention to see) a young pedestrian.

Of course, I’m sure most of you fellow Flossmoorians are not this careless when you wheel your $50,000 SUVs onto the roadways. If, perhaps, either of these habits sound familiar, please revisit the updated Illinois Rules of the Road manual.

Love, Peace, and Axle Grease,