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T-Mobile Update

Just as an update…  We are still unable to make outgoing phone calls.  And T-Mobile continues to be inaccessible and completely inattentive.  Thanks guys!

We DID end up changing our Comcast modem — instead of having the combo internet/phone modem, we now have a straight cable modem without phone capability.   At this point, it’s likely the only thing keeping us from using our phone like normal people is Comcast, a la a couple of blocked ports.  Dominic at the @home customer (cough) support said that he would work with Comcast on the issue, but it has now been over a week and a half and we have not heard anything from him (or any of his team members for that matter).  I have left them voicemails, since you cannot actually reach a person when you call advanced technical care, but no one will return my call.

I would, you know, call Comcast myself, but I can’t make outgoing phone calls at home and I have no mobile reception while in the house.  Standing outside talking to Comcast would make testing rather difficult.  Considering the fact that I’ve spent hours on the phone with T-Mobile regarding the issue, I can only hope they will help me out a little here…

I’m probably hoping too hard.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of VOIP Telephony

Perhaps this post would be titled the pursuit of happiness, but I’m sure not pursuing happiness while on hold with T-Mobile for hours on end…  Or, waiting for a call back from T-Mobile’s Advanced Technical Support, which seems to have a dubious status of existence.

When the T-Mobile @home service was rolled out, we were excited.  $10 for unlimited incoming and outgoing calls is really cheap — about $30 cheaper than Comcast’s VOIP phone.  We began the process of porting our number over from Comcast to T-Mobile.  Comcast didn’t seem to want to let go of the number, but we sort of expected it and gave things a little more time.  Right now, we are able to receive phone calls (sometimes with degrading quality, sometimes not at all!) but we cannot make any phone calls.  Instead of a dial tone we have a lovely BUZZZZZZZ that does not go away when you try to dial.

Here’s our setup:  cable internet with Comcast, using an Arris TM402P cable modem/telephone combo -> T-Mobile/Linksys router.  Today we went to the T-Mobile store and came home with a new router and new Vtech phones, which were all tested to perfect functionality in-store.  I honestly don’t think we have anything in our house strong enough to cause such a terrible interference.  Er, wait…  Let me tell Vic to move that industrial magnet… The only thing left to consider, for me, is the Comcast cable connection/modem.  I am THEORIZING that, because our modem also provides telephone service (although it has been canceled), it may be causing some kind of a problem.

If you come across my blog on Google and are having similar problems, PLEASE COMMENT!  If T-Mobile and [insert cable company name here] cannot figure out what’s going on (or refuse to admit fault), maybe us netizens can figure it out.

“Thank Goodness for My Boyfriend!”

Vic and I are currently in the market for a receiver, so we’re shopping around online for them. The receiver we are interested in only has one review:

Though it’s a great value while on sale and gives you the opportunity to attach more devices than a smaller receiver for the same price or more, this Kenwood receiver is so complicated! There are many settings to be messed with and options to choose and it’s hard to get your speakers sounding right. Thank Goodness for my boyfriend or I would have packed this up and sent it right back! Should be more user friendly!

OK, now, someone tell me, HOW DOES THIS REVIEW HELP ME??? People who are not technical should not write reviews for technical things. I wish this girl had left her email so I could ask her to get her boyfriend to review it.