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3rd floor couch revelations

Being that we’ve recently gotten new jobs, we’re still working out our finances, so we haven’t quite started saving money yet. Thus, any offer of nice, free furniture is appreciated. My aunt offered up a queen-sized sofabed. Sweet! Vic and I were excited. We rented a U-Haul in preparation, and dismantled the futon and put it in the alley (surprisingly, someone took our mattress, but the frame is still there, and we even posted about it on Craigslist).

Vic and my dad get the behemoth couch into the U-Haul (my aunt wanted me to fix something on her computer, heh). We drive all the way to the city in the U-Haul. I had never driven a truck or large van of any sort, so this was a bit of an adventure. I’m proud to admit I got pretty good at driving that thing.

Anyway, we get back to the city and get the behemoth into our lobby. I wanted to help but Vic and my dad weren’t letting me help too much. After trying probably 3495832 different ways of slanting or angling the couch, we gave up on trying to get it up the stairs (it was so large we couldn’t get it past the first bend). The conundrum now was, well, we have this giant couch here, now wtf?

For now, the behemoth is sitting in a storage unit at the U-Haul place we dropped our truck off at. It’s sort of good that we have a storage unit so we can throw all the crap we can barely fit into our apartment into the unit. So, whenever we save up enough money and find a decent apartment (on the first floor for fuck’s sake, heh), we’ll have a nice couch waiting for us.

The only thing left now is the fact that there’s a giant empty space in front of our TV where a piece of furniture that we used to sit on was. Perhaps it’s time to head to Ikea next weekend….