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Chicago Card <3

So, being the huge public transit advocate that I am (meaning I do not own a car), I have to get the latest technology in fare paying. The Chicago Card has been around for quite awhile, and I finally procured one late last year. The Chicago Card (and Chicago Card Plus) are credit card sized pieces of plastic with little chips inside them that store your infoez. To enter the turnstile, you simply press the card to the touch pad, and you’re off. I have it set to automatically give me a 30-day pass every month.

But, honestly, all convenience aside, I just like the fact that I can get to the turnstiles after people and make it through before them. It makes my morning extra zippy! I also feel as though I am a more Elite Transit User.

Chicago Card website

I swear I’m going to cry if the CTA carries out this doomsday plan. :(