T-Mobile Update

Just as an update…  We are still unable to make outgoing phone calls.  And T-Mobile continues to be inaccessible and completely inattentive.  Thanks guys!

We DID end up changing our Comcast modem — instead of having the combo internet/phone modem, we now have a straight cable modem without phone capability.   At this point, it’s likely the only thing keeping us from using our phone like normal people is Comcast, a la a couple of blocked ports.  Dominic at the @home customer (cough) support said that he would work with Comcast on the issue, but it has now been over a week and a half and we have not heard anything from him (or any of his team members for that matter).  I have left them voicemails, since you cannot actually reach a person when you call advanced technical care, but no one will return my call.

I would, you know, call Comcast myself, but I can’t make outgoing phone calls at home and I have no mobile reception while in the house.  Standing outside talking to Comcast would make testing rather difficult.  Considering the fact that I’ve spent hours on the phone with T-Mobile regarding the issue, I can only hope they will help me out a little here…

I’m probably hoping too hard.

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