Goals. I have them.

call the WAAAAHHHMBULANCEA long time ago, in a far away land (meaning, last year at this time, in the same location), I was working on a few goals. Life happened, I learned I would be losing my job, and I stopped working on my goals. I should have had better willpower, but I didn’t, so HERE I AM, working on similar goals. I have some more concrete things to work up to, and in an effort to stay motivated I’m making them public.

Last month we booked airfare to Thailand in September. This is pretty much the largest driving force behind my goals at the moment. I don’t really have a number in mind, it’s pretty much “lose as much as possible by September.”


  • Start running by late spring (May)
  • Run with my doggie!
  • Run a 5K by July

Unfortunately, I’m a pretty big lardo, and have been for most of my life. At this point I really don’t know what my “ideal weight” is, so this year is going to be a constant learning process. Eventually, I would like to get to or near my “ideal weight,” and learn how to maintain it with nutrition and exercise. Vic and I have finally come to the realization that more strict nutrition and exercise need to become permanent parts of our lives, as staying at an ideal weight will only become more difficult as we get older (and obviously, eating like crap and not exercising hasn’t gotten us anywhere good).

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