Cribs with Annz0r

I decided that I needed some new and interesting content, so you, my adoring fans, are getting a tour of our humble abode. The pictures are linked so my front page doesn’t get super long. We’ll start with the kitchen.

Everyone seems to like the fridge. The first time I went to Burning Man, one of my camp mates gave me a giant magnet poetry set meant to be on a car or something, so I put it on the fridge. Yeah, we write dirty things with the words. The other day when Vic moved in, the kitchen became our nerdly den, as you can see here. If you look closely, you’ll notice that we don’t use coasters, we use hard drive platters to hold OUR drinks. There’s also a hard drive magnet on my fridge. You know you’re a nerd when… Check out the listing under “etc” on our whiteboard. Building a fileserver is on our list of things to do. For those of you that are like us, this is no big deal, but we’re not sure others that know us quite understand…

Onto other things. This is where the magic happens. Err, wait, magic is supposed to happen here.


Although we seem to spend most of our time in the kitchen, we do sometimes come out of it to hang out in the living room. Check out a picture of our futon, covered in pillows. There’s an Aztec calendar, a framed picture of a fountain from a plaza in Moroleon, Mexico, and then a Mexican blanket on the back of the futon. We like to watch TV sometimes as well. Currently, our xbox is dysfunctional, so we can’t play games or watch DVDs, which kind of sucks. FYI, that is a gerbil cage on top of the entertainment center; he’s a slob too. If you look closely, you can see cat eyes in the TV, heh.

Of course, we have a bathroom. Nothing too exciting there…

Finally, the bookcase (which is actually courtesy of Eric — thanks Eric) near the doorway. I’ve kept it full size so you can see the stuff we have on it. Try not to pay attention to the mess on top of it. :p And yes, that’s a spare monitor next to it.

Well, hope you have enjoyed your tour of nuestra casa. Thank you, come again.

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