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Gah, dalfsjllwoeiworuioe!!!!!!!!!11111

I’m not really sure if I can explain how much this hurricane stuff is pissing me off. Iraq and a ton of other things that this administration has done really suck, but I can deal with them. But this… This… INSANITY… It’s just unacceptable, and I can’t fucking deal with it yet. Gah.

Hey everyone, time wouldn’t be running out if your bosses had you off your asses earlier in the week!

Edit: Don’t click on this link if you’re emotionally sensitive right now

I Support More Troops than You

For all of your parody ribbon needs. I would totally get one of these if I had a car, because I’m getting pretty tired of seeing SUVs with these ribbons on them. Also, people think it’s cute to put them on their sides so they look like Jesus Fish. And, having more than one ribbon magnet on your car just makes you look more stupid, not more supportive.

Seriously. This is a worse trend than those Livestrong bracelets.