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RIP Spanky the Gerbil

Yesterday evening when we got home we discovered that Spanky the gerbil had departed into the cold night.

Spanky was a black and white gerbil that was living above and beyond the normal domestic rodent lifespan (he was about 6 years old). Recently, he developed an abscess in his abdominal scent gland, so we knew the end was near. The end came for Spanky yesterday, sometime while we were at work. RIP Spanky!

Fortunately we have Pix the Siberian dwarf hamster to fill the massive void. The cats are disappointed that they now only have one rodent to terrorize into the late hours.


Well, Chloe was being a general bastard and doing things like getting into the box spring and scratching…. FROM WITHIN!! Being the humane, animal loving person I am, I decided that the cruel procedure of declawing was out of the question. Thus, Softpaws. I’m sure Chloe will hate me for a few days, but if it saves my furniture….


Ham Cam

Today, Pix learned how to use the computer.

1337 h4ms73r

Pix is also a couch potato. That won’t eat apples. I suppose that goes with the couch potato motif.

hay guys, is there anything on tv

And, Pix in the ball confuses Latte.

step off, kittah

Another Hamster Update….

We have decided to name the hamster Pixel, Pix for short. We’ve been playing with her a lot, and today when we got home she was climbing the door of the cage, waiting for us to let her out. She really likes her little hamster ball. :)

Hamster Dance!

Well, yesterday I picked up the newest member of the family. Someone on SA had some Siberian Dwarf hamsters that had babies, so they were giving them away to good homes. I decided to take one! :) So, we have a dwarf hamster of our own now. She’s tiny and fat. Some of her favorite things to do are chew on the cage wires, run in the wheel, and sit in the middle of the cardboard toilet paper roll. We’re not sure what to name her. But here she is, enjoying a chew on the cage door.

dance hamster dance!